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Who the hell are Altilab anyway?

November 19, 2007

It seems Altilab took heed of my last post and removed my material from the linked URL…only to put it up in two new places here and here along with the Creative Commons license that requires them to attribute my work to the original author – me! Only they don’t. Clearly they’re just taking the piss. So I did a quick who-is look up to discover, surprise, surprise that their identity is hidden behind – an outfit that doesn’t accept postal mail and who’s webforms don’t work. I’ve submitted a copyright infringement notice by email but I won’t hold my breath in case their email address doesn’t accept emails either. Lets face it, if I was going to rip off people’s stuff, I’d probably want to hide away too!

PS – Yup just said

Thank you for contacting
This is an automated reply from If you retrieved this email address by performing a WHOIS lookup, then it is likely that this domain name has enabled Privacy Protection Service.
Note that:
* provides a WHOIS privacy service for domain name owners that do not wish to be contacted directly.
* We are NOT the actual owner of the domain name.
* However, you can get in touch with the owner (registrant), admin, technical and billing contact of the domain name by visiting the following link:
* Using the above link is the ONLY way to get in touch with the domain name owner.
* We DO NOT accept any postal mail on behalf of the domain name owner and all mails sent to our address will be rejected. Any telephone calls received at the Telephone Number, would be greeted with an electronic answering machine requesting the caller to visit this website.
* Privacy Protection Service is not meant to be used for spam, abuse or any illegal/unlawful activities. If you come across domains names that are using Privacy Protection to aide in such activities, you can use the following link to lodge your complaint and appropriate action will be taken to either make the domain name owner information public or provide you with the necessary details:

Only one slight problem, I can’t get the webform to work. How very convenient for you. Don’t worry though, I’m gonna get you ‘cos you’ve pissed me off now. Anyone out there with any proper contact details for Altilab?

Altilab seem to be connected with IMSGlobalwho at least are open about their contact details


Share and share alike

November 7, 2007

Having just discovered that my content has been ripped off by
another blogsite I’m less than impressed. Come on guys, link back to me and acknowledge your source. I’m happy to share my stuff but only if you acknowledge your source.